The Poetry Corner featuring Troy Legette

Good morning everyone! Today I’d like to welcome Troy Legette to his first appearance with us. Enjoy! 🙂

Super Moms by Troy Legette (June 28, 2002):

Super Moms

Looking from the outside at you flying like a solo pilot.
Warmly reminiscing about your prime goals and
dreams before giving birth to Baby Violet.
Hugged in the arms of poverty, alone, and avoided by your cream giver.
On the verge of something good going bad and possibly forever bitter.
Strong in the beginning before Mr. Fine got your head spinning.
Nearly drowning from the choice you made, out in the deep end swimming.
Young but adventurous, a whiz in every class subject.
Promising yourself never to let your little Violet face double neglect.
Making the best of every channel of support while living in the hood.
Providing food, clothing, and shelter the best way you could.
Responsibility is a source chosen before hanging in the club.
Maintaining a steady job is chased instead of money earned from drug.
Determined to overcome any struggles when raising yourself and the baby.
Controlling temptations that make people do
things that are considered crazy.
Building a foundation to one merged with Mr. Right
Who helps guide while at your side through every step, each day and night.
The pressure that rains on your earth is a painful hurt.
But that amazing soil used to absorb those waters reveals your worth.
Cherished by a companion who certainly proves to be someone special.
Pouring that same love giving to little Violet right back into you!

Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing, Troy!

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