In the Books featuring Born of Water: Elemental Magic & Epic fantasy Adventure by Autumn M. Birt

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition on In the Books, featuring Born of Water: Elemental Magic & Epic Fantasy Adventure by Autumn M. Birt.


About the book: In the buried archives of the Temple of Dust may lie the secret to defeating the Curse, a creature which seeks to destroy 16-year old Ria for the forbidden gifts she possesses. But it is from among the ranks of those who control the Curse where Ria will find her best chance of success. 

Only the Priestess Niri can save Ria from the forces that hunt her, if Niri doesn’t betray the girl first. Along with Ria comes Ty and his sister, Lavinia, both bound to defend Ria from the Church of Four Orders. However, Ty has been living a life less than honest and keeping it from his sister. To survive a journey that takes them across the breadth of their world, the four must learn to trust each other before pursuit from the Church and Ty’s troubled past find them.

Born of Water is the first book in the Rise of the Fifth Order Saga full of elemental magic and epic fantasy adventure. Welcome to the mythical world of Myrrah, ruled by the Church of Four Orders – Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.

My review: As an Epic Fantasy fan, one of the things I love to see is how each author brings their world to life. I’m a huge fan of characters, and this book didn’t disappoint. My personal favorites were Niri and Ty, but for different reasons.

Niri is the typical woman-caught-in-a-difficult-situation when she finds herself between staying loyal to the church that taught her what she knows and keeping Ria safe from the Curse. While the decision seems easy, the author did a phenomenal job of showing the character’s angst as well as that of the girls she’s trying to help. As the story evolves, we get to see Niri’s previous beliefs and dreams stripped away as she discovers the truth about herself. I can’t tell you how much I loved it when she finally came out of her shell, but that’s all I’ll say. No spoilers here.

My enjoyment of Ty is more complicated. I’ve always been a fan of the complicated characters that you like, but also want to slap the crap out of them. They make the story fun and entertaining for me, so that’s my reasoning there.

Beyond Niri and Ty, all of the characters and their traits were well developed and engaging. Each had their moments of needing to be shaken or hugged, which added another level of depth to the story, in my opinion.

The story itself was smooth flowing and engaging. The characters spent a great deal of time sailing, and the author did an excellent job in mentioning what they were doing and why instead of going into an in-depth description. Avoiding those slow moments aren’t always easy, but I thought they were handled well and kept me interested in continuing with the story.

Overall, I enjoyed this and look forward to reading the author’s other works in the future.


About CP Bialois

Where do I begin? Well first I guess it's only fair to say that CP Bialois isn't my real name. It's a collaboration I made out of the three greatest pets anyone could ever want. My real name is Ed and I'm just an average person that has found a way to do what he loves. For as long back as I can remember I loved to pretend. Whether it was with my Transformers, GI Joe, or He-Man toys I loved to create intricate plots and have them fight it out. As a fan of horror, science fiction, action, and comedy I dare say my taste in movies are well rounded. Some of my favorites were Star Wars, Star Trek, martial arts, and anything with Swarzenegger in them. I'd write my own stories about the characters I saw in the theaters or TV or I'd just daydream about what I'd see myself as the hero of course. You can't have a daydream without beating the bad guys, getting the girl, etc. It's just not right to envision yourself as a flunky or sidekick. As far as books I loved Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, Dracula, and the normal assortment. My early love was the Star Trek novels, I'd read them or the Hardy Boys relentlessly. For a time I could tell you the plot of over a hundred books not to mention comics. I have to come clean and say that I learned to read because of comic books. I was bored, make that extremely bored when we started to read in school. Reading "the cat fell down" really didn't interest me. My dad, who continues to astound me with his insight to this day, figured comics would work. With that in mind he went to the newstand in town and bought issues of Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Tales From the Crypt, and Spider-man. He patiently read through them with me until I picked it up. Whether it was him or the comics I learned to read in about two weeks and for a while few were as good as I was. For years after that whenever we'd go out he'd always spring for a couple of comic books for me. While it wasn't exactly the perfect beginning everything I've ever read or have seen has influenced me in some way and now is the time I'd like to share some of the ideas I've had over the years with all of you. I hope you enjoy my stories, they're always fun to write and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.
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