Story Ideas Abound Among Some Changes

Hello everyone!

For those that know me or have been following me for a while know I’m generally always writing something. I’ve even been called prolific, but I haven’t come close to earning that moniker this year.

In short, here we are in the middle of February and I haven’t written more than a couple of words yet. The shocking thing is, I’m doing this on purpose. I actually sat down and worked out a plan and timetable to get accomplished without my running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Surprisingly enough, it’s worked! I’ve actually been more productive in aspects of writing besides writing than in a few years. Why? That’s a good question. I guess the simplest answer is: I’m determined.

I’m a weird kind of guy in that I burn myself out easier than probably should be possible, and then spend a few months trying to rekindle my desire and energy. I think that was a big reason 2013 was a lackluster year for me, and a driving force behind my publishing four books in 2014 and a couple more in 2015.

More than anything, it felt good to get back in the saddle. Going into this year, I had a couple of titles that have been hanging around for a couple of years that would close out a pair of novella trilogies (The Winter Creek Trilogy and the Sword and Flame trilogy). For one reason or another, they fell to the wayside, along with a couple of other shorts I’ve been working on here and there.

My plan for 2016 is a simple one. I’ve been editing various projects (Mine and others) since December of 2015, and I’m nearly ready for my first release coming in March (More on that at a later date, along with a pleasant surprise. :D). I’ve also had a couple of ideas for stories pop into my head, but instead of sitting down to write right away, I’m letting them simmer while I mentally work through various scenes and story arcs.

One of those is a sci-fi epic based on everything I love about the sci-fi genre I plan to work on during this year’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It’s also the first book I’m developing characters and outlining the story in detail before sitting down to write. I don’t know about you all, but that’s a definite first for me. lol

My other ideas are a sci-fi horror/suspense story based on a zoo, and a potential haunted house horror story. Both have some interesting things I’m looking forward to exploring, so it should be a fun time. As it stands, one or both of these will be a single Camp NaNoWriMo project.

The other Camp will be for a previous novel I haven’t quiet gotten a grip on yet called Midnight Strangers. It’s a weird thing when I know what to write, but I haven’t quite settled on how to write it. Does that makes sense? Basically, it’s set during post-Vietnam War about a vet coming to terms with his PTSD and finding his way in a new world with a new role. It’s a paranormal/coming of age type of story I’ve kinda dedicated to my dad, who died in 2013.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with these stories since I decided to slow things down, but they’re all leading to tons of research and memory dredging. More than that, I’m sure it’s going to be a fun ride however it turns out. 🙂

How’s your 2016 going so far? Are you meeting your goals? Did you shift anything to make things work smoother? I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

About CP Bialois

Where do I begin? Well first I guess it's only fair to say that CP Bialois isn't my real name. It's a collaboration I made out of the three greatest pets anyone could ever want. My real name is Ed and I'm just an average person that has found a way to do what he loves. For as long back as I can remember I loved to pretend. Whether it was with my Transformers, GI Joe, or He-Man toys I loved to create intricate plots and have them fight it out. As a fan of horror, science fiction, action, and comedy I dare say my taste in movies are well rounded. Some of my favorites were Star Wars, Star Trek, martial arts, and anything with Swarzenegger in them. I'd write my own stories about the characters I saw in the theaters or TV or I'd just daydream about what I'd see myself as the hero of course. You can't have a daydream without beating the bad guys, getting the girl, etc. It's just not right to envision yourself as a flunky or sidekick. As far as books I loved Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, Dracula, and the normal assortment. My early love was the Star Trek novels, I'd read them or the Hardy Boys relentlessly. For a time I could tell you the plot of over a hundred books not to mention comics. I have to come clean and say that I learned to read because of comic books. I was bored, make that extremely bored when we started to read in school. Reading "the cat fell down" really didn't interest me. My dad, who continues to astound me with his insight to this day, figured comics would work. With that in mind he went to the newstand in town and bought issues of Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Tales From the Crypt, and Spider-man. He patiently read through them with me until I picked it up. Whether it was him or the comics I learned to read in about two weeks and for a while few were as good as I was. For years after that whenever we'd go out he'd always spring for a couple of comic books for me. While it wasn't exactly the perfect beginning everything I've ever read or have seen has influenced me in some way and now is the time I'd like to share some of the ideas I've had over the years with all of you. I hope you enjoy my stories, they're always fun to write and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.
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