In the Books featuring The House Guest by Rosa Sofia

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of In the Books, featuring The House Guest by Rosa Sofia.


About the Book: Katherine Maslin is plagued by a mysterious woman in her dreams…

When she inherits her grandparents’ property, she hopes the change of scenery will rid her of the dreams in which a strange woman begs her for help. But upon discovering the woman is her dead grandmother, she doubts the wisdom of moving to the farmhouse.

Five gruesome murders might still be unsolved…

Kat’s dreams lead her to discover that five men were murdered on the farm in the 1950s. In possession of her grandmother’s ring, she is sent spiraling back in time, determined to uncover the killer’s true identity. She believes an innocent man has been behind bars all these years, and her family’s history might lead to the truth.

A murderer wants secrets to remain buried…

Learning more about the truth, she finds herself on a deadly path. There is also the matter of the little boy some people claim never existed. Led by the ghost of her grandmother, Kat uncovers clues and returns to her own time in a quest to change past events and save innocent lives.

Kat is in a race against time to solve the mystery, but an unknown enemy is determined to stop her. Can she unmask the killer…before he finds her?

My Review: First off, I have to admit there are few things as fun as a good ghost story. Add in a mystery element, and I’m usually hooked.

I loved Katherine’s interaction with Jake, but at times it felt a little forced, like they were too happy, and were ready to distrust one another at a moment’s notice. I think this was a clever plot device, given how anyone of us would have reacted under the same circumstances.

At first, the time travel mixed me up and seemed abrupt, but that had more to do with me than not. I’m not used to ghost stories that literally take the characters back in time, so please take my critique with a grain of salt. With that being said, I have to admit I think the time Katherine spent in the past was well done. I felt comfortable with her family right up until the end of her stay. While there were a couple of times where I wondered how she didn’t realize something, it’s easily forgiven considering the strain she was under just coming to grips with traveling backwards and then forward to her own time.

I don’t want to say too much as I hate giving spoilers, but I think the supernatural tone of the story is perfectly balanced with reality, making it a fast and engaging read. Seeing the bastard Katherine’s grandfather could be perfectly underlines how we wear two or more masks, depending on where and who we’re talking to. That, as much as the overall story, makes this a highly enjoyable read.


About CP Bialois

Where do I begin? Well first I guess it's only fair to say that CP Bialois isn't my real name. It's a collaboration I made out of the three greatest pets anyone could ever want. My real name is Ed and I'm just an average person that has found a way to do what he loves. For as long back as I can remember I loved to pretend. Whether it was with my Transformers, GI Joe, or He-Man toys I loved to create intricate plots and have them fight it out. As a fan of horror, science fiction, action, and comedy I dare say my taste in movies are well rounded. Some of my favorites were Star Wars, Star Trek, martial arts, and anything with Swarzenegger in them. I'd write my own stories about the characters I saw in the theaters or TV or I'd just daydream about what I'd see myself as the hero of course. You can't have a daydream without beating the bad guys, getting the girl, etc. It's just not right to envision yourself as a flunky or sidekick. As far as books I loved Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, Dracula, and the normal assortment. My early love was the Star Trek novels, I'd read them or the Hardy Boys relentlessly. For a time I could tell you the plot of over a hundred books not to mention comics. I have to come clean and say that I learned to read because of comic books. I was bored, make that extremely bored when we started to read in school. Reading "the cat fell down" really didn't interest me. My dad, who continues to astound me with his insight to this day, figured comics would work. With that in mind he went to the newstand in town and bought issues of Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Tales From the Crypt, and Spider-man. He patiently read through them with me until I picked it up. Whether it was him or the comics I learned to read in about two weeks and for a while few were as good as I was. For years after that whenever we'd go out he'd always spring for a couple of comic books for me. While it wasn't exactly the perfect beginning everything I've ever read or have seen has influenced me in some way and now is the time I'd like to share some of the ideas I've had over the years with all of you. I hope you enjoy my stories, they're always fun to write and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.
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