A Story A Day Challenge 2017: Night of Firsts Part Five

Night of Firsts Part Five

“I weep for the future of both our causes, Sister.” Ramon stood beside a woman as beautiful as he was handsome, watching the trio’s exchange from a rooftop.

“It’s the blind leading the blind, Brother. I never thought my fellow immortals would grant the dark gifts to such simpletons.” Sabrina shook her head. “I fear Tony and Tammy would’ve drank each other dry before figuring out each was an immortal.”

Ramon nodded. “And yet, my hunter is little better. She has yet to shift.”

“At least, she has figured it out.”

“Another first for our eternal hunt, eh, Sister?”


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In the Books featuring Megalodon Rising by Alex Laybourne

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of In the Books, featuring Megalodon Rising by Alex Laybourne.


About the Book: A new threat has been found lurking off the American coast. Fresh from a tour of duty on the Syrian coast, the last thing that Carrier Strike Group Sixteen wanted was another mission. Charged with finding and eliminating the threat, nobody was prepared for the true horror that awaited them.

A creature from the deep, long since written into the annals of history. The Megalodon has awoken and both it and its young are hungry.

My Review: I’m a huge fan of Alex Laybourne’s work, and these novels have become a fun delicacy for me.

The story is fast moving and keeps you riveted. While the end can be abrupt for some, I like it. It can either lead into a sequel or remain a fun read that leaves the future to the reader’s imagination, and that can be better than any author can come up with. This reminds me of my guilty pleasures on the SyFy channel.

The characters are pretty interesting as each carries their own problems with them. If there’s something I’d like to see more of, it’d be the development of more of the military characters. While the main character and his mom were enticing, it felt like there was a missing moment between them and the others in the book. That doesn’t take away from the fun of watching a kid being a kid, but times a hundred.

If you’re looking for a quick escape and don’t mind monsters, this is the perfect thing.

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A Story A Day Challenge 2017: Night of Firsts Part Four

Night of Firsts Part Four

Selma paused to study the pair. Fighting back laughter, she said, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Since when do bloodsuckers care about toys, hmm?”

The blonde’s face twisted in irritation. “Bloodsuckers? Seriously? That’s racist!”

Why did I have to find this dumbass clown on my first hunt? Selma’s laughter spilled out as she shook her head. “No, it’s not. And you’re too dumb to be one. Which means…”

The man stood straight and stepped toward the blonde. Resting a hand on her shoulder, he said, “Perhaps, our threesome can wait another night, baby?”

Selma’s mind raced. Something wasn’t right.

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No Time for a Title!

This is why being an author is an adventure. lol

Legends of Windemere

Let’s get the easy part over with:

Goal Accomplished/Progress Made– June Blog Posts Scheduled

That’s it.  This Spring Break has been incredibly chaotic and busy.  My hope to write at night was dashed by a few late nights for the kid and being exhausted.  I’m not even sure how to write this post.  You can tell things are rough because I didn’t schedule this post from the night before and it’s going live in the afternoon.  Yeah, that should be a big sign that I’m clinging to an out-of-control carnival ride.  This doesn’t end until Wednesday when he goes back to school.  Let’s just do a day-by-day since I rarely get any blog hits anyway:


Passover!  Family!  Need I say more?


This should have been a sign that I was in for a rough week.  The plan was to go to the Bronx Zoo, which it seems…

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A Story A Day Challenge 2017: Night of Firsts Part Three

Night of Firsts Part Three

Tammy frowned at her meal ticket and turned to follow his gaze. A smile played across her face at seeing the raven-haired woman. She’s pretty cute, but she needs to lose the toys. “I’m up for anything you are, lover. Want me to get things started?”

Slipping from Tony’s grasp, she smiled at him before turning toward the woman. “Hello. Care to join the fun?”

Tammy fought down her hunger pains and smiled as the woman slowed and stopped in mid-stride. Motioning to the stake and bottle of water, she said, “You might wanna lose those. I’m not into toys.”

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A Story A Day Challenge 2017: Night of Firsts Part Two

Night of Firsts Part Two

Tony hadn’t planned on his first night in town being like this, but who was he to complain? He had a beautiful woman to keep him warm, and no one around to get in his way. All he had to do was find somewhere secluded…

What the hell? He squinted as a woman with black hair crossed the street toward him. Is she carrying a wooden stake? How freaking out of touch is she?

He paused to lean against a car. “Baby, you up for a threesome?”

The blonde he picked up pouted. “Why, baby?”

“Cause we got a partner.”

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Guest Post: Development of a Writing Space

An awesome read. We all have our favorite writing spaces. Mine is the library or cafe. lol

Beyond the Precipice

Development of a Writing Space . . .

by Mandy Eve-Barnett

We see articles and blog posts in regard to ‘writing spaces’ and it can either spur us on to create our own or make us feel we are lacking. Should a writer have a dedicated space to write in? Does it ensure the creative Muse visits us and offers inspiration?

As a writer I find anywhere can be a ‘writing space’ – a coffee shop, a bench in a park, sitting on a deck chair on the beach or jotting down notes while riding in a car. Obviously, your local library is a perfect writing retreat or if you are lucky a real writer’s retreat away from home! However, whatever space you have you can adapt it. It may be a small desk or table in the spare bedroom or hidden in the basement or even a she-shed (marvellous…

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