A Story A Day Challenge: Spring In

Spring In

Todd dipped his foot in the greenish water and yanked it out with a screech. “Are you kidding? It’s freezing!”

His older brother laughed from the water twenty feet into the lake. “Oh, come on, ya big baby. You’re thirteen now, so big boy up!” He took a couple of strokes toward Todd. “If you don’t come in, I’m gonna throw you in.”

Todd shook his head. “Nuh uh. I’ll tell mom.”

“Who do you think told me to teach you to swim?”

Todd whimpered and took a step forward, wondering what he did to his mom to deserve this.

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The Poetry Corner featuring Ed Ireland

Good morning! I’d like to welcome to this week’s Poetry Corner. I’d like to take a moment to welcome back Ed ireland and his poem, The Shadow Knows, from his book, Forgotten Treasure, available on his website (Check links below).

The Shadow Knows by Ed Ireland

Evil hides in shadows, hidden by deceit

To find their face one has to be a sleuth

And so I slip to shadows covering the street

Rest assured

The illness will be cured

The Shadow knows the truth


Evil is the killer and apathy his deceitful knife

Perhaps done in purpose, perhaps by trusting youth

In shadows I waited hoping to save the life

Either way

None can say

But the Shadow knows the truth


For now I’ll sit and wait, the evil hasn’t passed

They think I was plucked like a wisdom tooth

From shadows I’ll watch the dissidents amass

Killers laugh

On my behalf

Still…the Shadow knows the truth.


Awesome poem! Thank you for sharing, Ed.

Contact Ed Ireland at:




If anyone would like to share their poetry, please email me at cpbialois@gmail.com and we’ll set it up. See you all next tme!

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A Story A Day Challenge: Another Day

Another Day

Julie reached out and slammed her hand on her alarm, silencing the offending blaring. She wished she could travel back in time to meet the jackass that invented alarms and give him the beating he deserved. Since that was impossible (Yet!), she rolled over and pushed the covers off and rubbed her eyes.

Not known as a morning person, her patience was sorely tested once a year when the clocks were moved ahead an hour. Letting out a groan, she made a mental note of someone else she’d love to travel back in time for.

Nothing like a new day.

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A Story A Day Challenge: True Love

True Love

Mark finished wiping the hood of his Mustang as he finished his weekly waxing. If there was a way for a man to love an inanimate object, he found it.

Few things could pull him away from his baby, whom he dubbed Racquel, for more than a few minutes, barring an emergency. He barely flinched when Gwen Rollins walked by his driveway. After years of chasing her, he found his happiness.

He heard her scoff and looked up. She was staring at her phone, apparently pissed at something her boyfriend did.

Serves her right. Right, baby? He caressed his car.

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Prepping for Camp NaNoWriMo

Okay, I know the internet is filled with “prepping” posts leading up to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every September, October, and November, so I’ll try to keep this brief. Lol

As many of you probably know, April 1 marks the beginning of the first Camp NaNoWriMo of 2015 (You can check out the website here if you’d like to jump in), and for the first time in a couple of years I’m jonesing to get started. Over the last few years, I’ve become a hem-hawing machine as to whether I’m going to take part or not, so the shift in mentality has added an extra bounce to my step, er… I mean, typing.

Out of all the prepping things you want to have is an idea. That’s really all I ever go into a project having, and believe me, there’s nothing worse than going into a writing challenge without a clue as to what you’ll be working on. For this camp, I set my word goal at 20k (One of the cool benefits to doing the Camps :D ) since I have three projects I want to do or finish up.

While they’re nothing too extravagant, I know I’m going to be hard pressed not to jump into another project so I’m not going to make any promises. The one thing I am promising myself is to keep my nice, pleasant, methodical pace when writing and not burn myself out.

Last November, I challenged myself (in a moment of complete lunacy, stupidity, you can pick whichever works best) to write three novels to please my muse. I figured they’d be 50k each, so that meant a word goal of 150k or writing 5k a day. Considering I usually write a chapter (1600-3300 words) per day, I thought a little more wouldn’t be too rough. Then I reached my 50k goal in nine days and a total of 80k-something. Two of the projects were complete, one a 10k novella, but the third hit a brickwalled dead end. What made my self-challenge tougher was I’m a 90% pantzer. Outlines and I don’t get along at all, so I usually know how a story will start, the climax, and how it’ll end and that’s it. Basically, I never make things easy on myself. It’s way too boring. :D

Anyway, the result was I swear I nearly broke something and my muse took a short break. It wasn’t burnout (I did that several times before), but a lack of drive. I’d have an idea, but if I couldn’t write it out in an hour or two, I’d set it aside. That wasn’t something I liked, so I took a couple of months to recollect myself while writing short pieces here and there.

Now, my muse is back full strength and ready to be unleashed on my unsuspecting characters. The difference is this time, I’m keeping it on a short leash. This camp is a stretching exercise for me. A little something to get ready to get back into the writing groove that’s more than transcribing the hieroglyphics my handwriting represents or just short stories.

I know, that doesn’t really sound like prepping, but it feels like it so I’m not arguing. My full drive is back and I’m looking forward to the fun times ahead.

What’s one of your favorite ways to prep to write a short story o full length novel?





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Why Clean Reader Doesn’t Work


I’m against any censorship, but in all honesty, how is this legal? Last time I checked, plagiarists don’t alter the original document either. Just saying.

Originally posted on Trashy's Treasures:

Trashy gets cleaned. Or not.

No Profanity 3x3Clean Reader is an app that censors all the profanity in ebooks. I looked it in the app store, and the reviewers who love it claim it does what it’s supposed to. But I think these users are kidding themselves. Dirty is all about context, and apps don’t understand context. I once sent an email to a company and had it blocked because it contained the word virgin, but I’d actually written Virgin Islands.

To demonstrate my point, I took an excerpt from Their Twisted Love – The Twisted Mosaic, Book 2, and ‘cleaned’ it as the Clean Reader might:


He stepped back and held his hand out. “Come on.”

I shook my head and pulled my blouse closed.

Then he moved in for the kill, placing his arms on either side of me, leaning in close, but not touching, his words hot…

View original 468 more words

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A Story A Day Challenge: The Band

The Band

James joined the neighborhood band for one reason: Chicks.

It was as simple a mission statement as he could think of. After all, it was what rock and roll was all about, right?

It didn’t bother him that the drummer was wasted and the bass player couldn’t pluck a dead chicken. No, what mattered was he looked good when they played and the girls at the club went gaga over him. At least, he thought it was him.

Then it happened. They broke up.

Now, James spent most of the day learning to play guitar, hoping another band came along.

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