Is Reading Comprehension a Lost Art?

Remember how the teachers in school used to hound us about reading comprehension and how we needed it in the “real world”?

I admit that for me, it was something I didn’t really think about for years. If the instructions said, “Put tab A into slot B,” I did it. It never seemed all the complicated to me. What was problematic was how I’d choose what to pay attention to. In school, I’d listen to the teachers and they’d send notes home with the comments, “Pleasure in class” and so on. At home, I tended to ignore any written form of instruction when working with models, toys, or video games.


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A Story A Day Challenge: A Good Son

A Good Son

Charlie hated change.

Was it too much to ask for the universe to be orderly?

It seemed like such a simple desire to have fulfilled, yet no higher power saw fit to grant him the simple wish.

Now, because of the chaos brought into his life, he now waited for his test results. It wasn’t so much the fact his father was in the hospital and needed blood, but the fact the accident had messed up his morning routine.

A doctor approached him from the side. “Mister Jacobs? You’re a match.”

He sighed and nodded. “Let’s get this over with.”

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A Story A Day Challenge: A Hit

A Hit

“Come on, Son. You can do it!” Seth clapped his hands as his kid stepped up to the plate. Though his son was only ten years old, he’d already shown himself to be one of the best players I Little League. Seth saw himself in his son, except he’d see to it his son had a chance as a pro career.

Shouting more encouragement, Seth watched as everything slowed down as the pitcher began his windup. The pitch was straight and flat, just what his son loved.


The last thing Seth saw was the ball coming straight at him.

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The Poetry Corner featuring Raven Williams

Good morning everyone and welcome to this week’s Poetry Corner!

Please join me in welcoming a newcomer to the Bialog, Raven Williams!

To get things started, here’s a little about Raven:


Raven Williams describes herself as a beautiful mess disguised as a human being. Within this beautiful mess words swirl around until they coalesce into fictional, fantasy stories or spiritual messages the world needs to hear.

When Raven is not writing, she is creating art in the form of fractal designs and abstract paintings.  She is also a caregiver for a disabled family member and three cats.  She currently resides in the Northwest Florida Panhandle, but the Pacific Northwest is the home of her heart.  She hopes to return there one day.

And now her poem, Room to Breathe, from her book, Nocturnal Musings. :)

green fresh leaves frame on white background

green fresh leaves frame on white background

Awesome poem, Raven! Thank you for sharing! :)

If you’d like to know more about today’s guest, check her out at the following links:








If you would like to share your poetry here, or know anyone that would like to be featured, please email me at

As always, any poetry shared remains the property of the poet. I only share it with the poet’s permission.

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A Story A Day Challenge: Fixing a Problem

Fixing a Problem

Stan’s leg pumped up and down and his eyes flittered about the room.

“Will you relax? This isn’t all that bad. It’s far more dangerous for women, you know.”

Stan glanced at his wife. It didn’t matter if that was true, he hated the argument. “Oh? So the idea of someone coming at your privates with a needle wouldn’t cause images of burying the needled in the doctor’s eye?”

She patted his leg. “Oh, it’s not that bad. Besides, do you really want a fifth child?”

“I could wear a condom.”

“We tried that before the last three. Snip. Snip.”

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A Story A Day Challenge: A Cut Above

A Cut Above

“Nothing like cutting the grass, he said. You want to be a bug boy, he said.”

Eric cursed as he pushed the lawnmower along the same path he watched his father do for all ten years of his life. Until that moment, he wanted to be considered a big boy, but now? He wanted to go back inside to his video games and TV. His dad could have all the “big boy” stuff he wanted.

The mower bumped against something and stalled.

Eric let out a breath at what he saw.

“Dad? Dad! Come quick, there’s a body our here!”

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Horror Movies: The Modern Morality Tales


An awesome take on horror movies and the genre in general.

Originally posted on White's Wyrd World:

For years, some people have looked at horror and other such genres as a lesser form of art. They believe these films are setting bad examples for children and must be kept from them at all costs.  There are even some who, if given the opportunity, would keep everyone from watching horror movies and shows that deal with paranormal/supernatural topics as well. What those who are opposed to them may not realize is, these same things they seek to censor are actually promoting some great values. Ones are that are sorely needed in today’s reality show-obsessed culture that promotes “me” above all others. Let’s look at the evidence…

Freddy and Jason

Take Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for example. Conservative groups were angry at the show for promoting witchcraft, demons, etc., overlooking the moral messages in each episode. The main characters, known as the Scooby Gang on the show, were teenagers who decide…

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