A Story A Day Challenge: Comfortable Reading

Comfortable Reading

“Oh, come on! Seriously?”

The teenager looked up at John and shrugged. “Don’t know why you’re so worked up. We have to read for class.”

John stared at him for a minute as he tried to think of a response. What could he say to a bunch of kids that didn’t understand there were people that liked to read? And of course, they had to take his favorite spot under the elm.

“What’s wrong with the library?”

The teen’s face twisted into a grotesque visage. “Dude, that’s for old people.”

John shook his head. He now believed in zombie apocalypses.

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In the Books featuring Reah Leah The White From Cat To Queen by Aidan Stone

Good morning and welcome to this week’s In the Books, featuring Reah Leah The White From Cat To Queen by Aidan Stone.


About the Book: After four years, the once beautiful Lourack, Reah Leah, remains broken in body and spirit, alone on her desolate island prison. Ripped from Earth by alien technology, Wess finds himself on Aelfyce. Met immediately by the ruthless overlords the Brissack, Wess is tortured and left for dead. “The Power of the Stones” dumps Wess, nearly dead, in front of Reah Leah. Reah Leah Heals his wounds, desperately hoping he will end her sexual torment and release her from her prison. When Wess discovers “The Power of the Stones” within him, love blossoms between them. Wess intends to annihilate the Brissack, and a fool named Malcolm must die. The Draca and a mysterious ally are willing to help Wess try!

My Review: This was a book I’ve had on my TBR (To Be Read) list for a while, and I’m happy I finally got to it. Not to mince words, but it was worth the wait.

First off, it’s fair to point out that the author’s writing technique is different than anything else I’ve read. The story is literally told to us by the characters as they fight among themselves over certain points and who gets to tell what. I really enjoy reading books with a different take. To me, it’s a good thing to see authors try something new, especially when it works out. It took me back to my childhood when we’d tell one another stories or listened to others at events.

The story flowed really well and kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next. I have to admit, I was also interested to see what the storytellers would accuse the others of. The characters were an interesting group. They kept it fresh while telling their story or interacting with one another.

I definitely look forward to reading the rest of the series and other works by the author.

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World Building: An exercise in creativity…


Great insight!

Originally posted on Gary's Writing Blog:


Perhaps the most fun I’ve had in terms of writing have been those sessions where I worked to create a different world or a world within a world for a novel. For Flashback, a story where an historian tries to prevent an assassination in the past, I needed a way to deal with time-travel in a convincing way. When you write science fiction, if you don’t base your premise on plausible science, you’ll lose your audience before you start and receive countless notes on how you got it all wrong. The challenge, as an accountant by training and profession, was to learn several theories of quantum physics relative to the creation of an artificial wormhole. Physics anticipates their existence, but how do you make a credible one up? This is where the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of genius comes by. Men and women with an amperage of…

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A Story A Day Challenge: Greetings


Emanuel woke with a start and looked about him. The last thing he remembered was his shuttle running out of air and now…

He shook his head to clear the cobwebs and pushed himself forward.

Now, he was in a lush garden with vegetables on his left and flowers on his right. “Where am I?”

“Is this not ideal?”

He jumped at the voice and turned. He was greeted by a bowing, green-skinned alien with long white hair.

“Greetings, Emanuel. Is this not to your liking?”


The alien shook his head. “You’ll understand in time. All our exhibits do.”



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A Story A Day Challnge: Nuisance


Samantha put her hands on her hips while glaring at the Thompsons’ son. No more than four years old, and Tyler had already proved to her that the devil was real. Dennis the Menace and Bart Simpson had nothing on this kid.

“Tyler! I’m not kidding. Put that down, now!”

Tyler looked at her and smiled from his perch on the kitchen chair. Listening to her, he let go of the ceramic dish.

Samantha let out a scream as she watched Missus Thompson’s great-great-grandmother’s butter dish shatter on the floor. “I’ll have to pay for that!”

Tyler pointed and laughed.

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Confronting Your Fear

Have you ever had that one thing you were afraid to do?

Personally, my biggest fear is heights, but also jumping into something new. Let’s face it, we’re all creatures of habit and the idea that there are others out there waiting for us to trip or screw up doesn’t help.

As writers, often times it’s something as simple as writing a different character or switching genres. While both seem simple, there are pitfalls for each choice we make. If we typically write darker characters, it’s a formidable challenge to switch to the wholesome ones. Imagine spending years writing horror and then tackling writing children’s books as well. While not impossible, or maybe not hard for some, it can be daunting as we’re constantly looking over our work to make sure we didn’t use the wrong language or disembowel a character. The same goes for switching genres.

Continue reading here.

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A Story A Day Challenge: Mishap


Doctor Franklin sat in his office chair with his head in his hands. Not once in his twenty plus years of practicing medicine had he ever heard of such stupidity, much less been a part of it.

He knew there was a chance he wouldn’t be held accountable. He could point to one of the nurses for not double checking as was their practice. Even then, the odds were slim he’d avoid any harsh punishment. Maybe he’d just lose his license.

More than anything, he wondered how he’d explain to his wife that he left a clamp in a patient.


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