Story a Day- Investigation

Another favorite. 🙂

Truly's Pillow Book

“This don’t make a lick of sense! What do you mean that you don’t have a clue who it could be? You said yesterday that there was literal BLOODY FINGER PRINTS all over my son’s apartment!” The father was distraught at this point his voice high with rage. “You said there was a match!”

“Yes, that was said by someone else.”  I would have never said such a thing. I needed to figure out who said what to have gotten this man’s hopes up so high that his son’s killer would be found so quickly. This wasn’t one of those damned TV shows. “But there have been some complications.” I was trying to choose my words carefully.

“Complications? I don’t want your god damn excuses I want you to catch my son’s killer! I saw the scene myself there were finger prints all over the place, clear as day!” It…

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Story a Day- For What was Coming

Check out a friend of mine’s #StoryADayChallenge! She’s an amaing writer. 🙂

Truly's Pillow Book

Breath was a necessary thing for survival. Yet their very breaths were what could possibly end it.

Three sets of eyes were wide in the dim light as they hid in the safest spot they could find. All were afraid to breath, for it seemed the thing could hear even the shallowest of breaths over long distances. Yet if they did not breath they would die.

Each in turn let their mouth open as they tried to control their exhale and inhale to make it as quiet as they could before they held their breath again.

The floor vibrated as the creature’s steps came closer and closer.

All three could not hear the growling breath of the monster as it came closer and closer to their position. A long slow sound air being sucked in through nasal passages as wide as a human forearm made them all shiver in place…

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Monstrum Kickstarter

Hello, I’m happy to host the Cyberpunk Fantasy, Indie Short Film Project called Monstrum from 4CW Media Productions,expected release date in Spring 2019. Screenplay written by Michelle Cornwell Jordan.

Please support The Monstrum Project Kickstarter! All funds will go towards completing editing on the short film and launching the six episode web drama. #Clickhere >Down with Somnium

And check out the awesome goodies available for supporters, on each Kickstarter level!:)

a fun plus 104

a fun plus 101

Summary: Monstrum is a diverse cyberpunk fantasy where Virtual Reality is an addiction called Somnium, and AI’s want to rule the world. 🙂


Behind The Scenes Look!

Producer Notes: Michelle Cornwell Jordan:

The Plan For Monstrum

Monstrum’s focus on addiction to the fantasy drug Somnium (Virtual Reality Escapes) is our way of bringing attention to the tough topic of addiction, but in a way that we hope will educate on the real life effects of drugs, alcohol, excessive gaming etc. (In 2018 the World Health Organization stated Gaming Disorder as a thing…check out link: Gaming Disorder). Hopefully viewers will be inspired by our main character Dominique Coutee and her friends, as they work to overcome their addictions and challenges. Plus we hope the film/web drama is entertaining! We’ll also deal in the Web Drama, with the subject of self esteem and encouraging individuals to be comfortable with who they are…and the dangers that can occur when attempts are made to be something they’re not. Also most importantly in our film/web drama…AI’s will try to take over the world!:)

Where the Idea for Monstrum Originated?

Check out our production video at the link, where myself and co-producer Brianna R. Jordan discuss where the idea for the film/web drama originated and the thoughts behind the idea of creating a Monstrumverse. #Click Monstrumverse Video

Check out the Faces of Monstrum (Cast/Crew)

BTS Photos

Monstrum Cast and Crew

a fun plus 121

Caesar Crew

a fun plus 109

Shadow Group (Hackers)

a fun plus 110

(Filming a scene outside the Somnium Den) Left to Right: (Blue Hair) Dominique Coutee, Emile Caesar and (Artificial Intelligence Humanoid TAE) *see below*

a fun plus 107

Also, a special deal for authors or business owners:

If you sponsor Monstrum starting at just $5, we will place your cover and/or logo in our Sponsors section of the web drama. This will be included by Jan 2020 when web series is done.

To see more updates, photos, videos, games and news please give us a follow at one of the links below!:)

Links: Monstrum on Face Book

Monstrum on Instagram

Monstrum on YouTube

4CW Media Productions on Face Book

Michelle Cornwell Jordan on Face Book

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Why Do We Write?

A good read. 🙂

Nicholas C. Rossis

This is a guest post by one of my favorite authors, Beem Weeks. It’s part of his 4Wills Publishing blog tour.

Why Do We Write?

Welcome to Day 2 of “A TRIP DOWN THE STRANGE HWY” Blog Tour

@BeemWeeks #4WillsPub #RRBC #RWISA

Strange HWY by Beem Weeks | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Strange Hwy by Beem Weeks

Why do we write? It’s a simple enough question. The answer, well, that’s not quite as cut and dried. Every writer has his or her own reason for putting pen to paper in an effort to entertain, educate, or just let off a little steam.

I’ve been writing since about the age of eight. It’s just something I’ve always enjoyed. My motivations have changed over the years. Early on I wrote with the notion that I’d be the only one reading my work. I’d put down on paper some grand idea I’d find wandering through my head, an event from the day, or…

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The Poetry Corner featuring Vic Tomlinson

Good morning and welcome to this week’s Poetry Corner featuring Vic Tomlinson! 🙂

Christmas Eve by Vic Tomlinson

We finished decorating

our live Christmas tree

with its hundreds of tiny white lights

and red Christmas balls.

We finished putting the candles,

with the single white light,

in each of the windows.

We sat in the family room

to enjoy a roaring fire

in the fireplace.

In the background, we played

Christmas carols, partook of sugar cookies,

and sipped hot cider.

Through the windows, the snow flakes

glistened in the path of the spot light.

The tranquility of this night

provides hope that peace on earth

might one day be realized.


Thank you for sharing, Vic!

Keep up with Vic by following him on:


If you would like to share your poetry here, or know anyone that would like to be featured, please email me at

As always, any poetry shared remains the property of the poet. I only share it with the poet’s permission.

Merry Christmas to you and everyone reading this. Hope you all have a wonderful hoiday and New Year! 🙂

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In the Book featuring Scrooged: A Dark Musicals Holiday Novella (Dark Musicals Trilogy Book 4) by Laura DeLuca 

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of In the Books, featuring Scrooged: A Dark Musicals Holiday Novella (Dark Musicals Trilogy Book 4) by Laura DeLuca


About the Book: Stan Hope never cared much for his son-in-law—Justin Patko.

His black clothes and body piercings were bad enough, but the ridiculous notion of dragging Rebecca off to Broadway with a new baby on the way pushes Stan over the edge. How much can a father take?

After losing his cool at a holiday party, Stan gets a visit from three unexpected spirits. Can they help to change his close-minded ways?

My Review: Like the author’s other books, this is a unique twist on a classic Christmas story and is just as engaging as the original story and various adaptations I’ve seen/read.

The characters are easy to become attached to and enjoy or dislike through the emotions they draw out of us. What is really interesting is I actually felt for Stan in the beginning for feeling like everyone was turning against him. It’s one thing to know when a character is wrong, but causing the reader to emphasize with them while knowing they’re wrong makes the experience way more interesting than it would be otherwise.

My only problem with the characters is my own doing. I’ve been reading this series out of order (don’t ask, I don’t know why. Lol), so I didn’t get as much out of a couple of characters from previous books. I’m sure once I read those, I’ll pick up on what I missed the first time, so if you haven’t, I recommend reading these in order. It’ll only enhance this more.

The story itself is the author’s typical engaging, fast paced adventure and, like the original A Christmas Carol, can be read in a single sitting and bring out many of the same feelings and sentiments as the original.

In closing, I’d like to add this is now on my yearly December reading list. This is one story that’ll be fun to read over and over again.

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In the Books featuring Divorce Decree: A Novel by Nesly Clerge

Good morning and welcome to this week’s In the Books, featuring Divorce Decree: A Novel by Nesly Clerge.

Divorce decree

About the Book: TILL DEATH DO US PART. When Jake Adams uttered those words to his wife, Stephanie, he had an entirely different intention in mind. Industrious, determined, dedicated, devoted to his wife and children, he plans to give her, and them, the world. What Jake lacked in education, he made up for with willingness to learn and work hard so as to reap the rewards. In the end, it paid off—or so he believed. Stephanie should have been happy. And after all they went through together—the scares, dares, jobs, babies, successes, failures, lovers, separations, and second chances, why isn’t she content? What will it take? What is it that she wants him to do? As he struggles to discern truth from lies, it becomes a matter of being dead wrong or dead right. Find out who gets what’s deserved in this latest novel of emotional twists and turns by Nesly Clerge.

My Review: Few novels have the emotional twists and turns like Nesly Clerge’s.

The story itself if fast paced and well written, pulling us in from the first word. The author uses his phenomenal understanding of people and our emotions and thought processes to entangle us in a happy marriage that eventually turns sour as the communication between the couple breaks down, allowing their jealousy, anger, and frustration to get the better part of them.

The characters are all well written, and neither one of the main characters are right and both are wrong. As happens so often in real life, a simple explanation could’ve prevented so much, but us digging in our heals when we’re sure we’re right often leads to tragedy. There are so many times the story could have turned had it not been of one (Not saying who. No spoilers here.) could’ve moved beyond their pride and hurt feelings to listen or think beyond their own boundaries.

In many ways, the Jake and Stephanie are so real, it’s easy to see pieces of ourselves in this and treat it like a “What Not to Do” manual. On that note, I’d recommend relying on a professional opinion instead, but if it helps us to look inside ourselves, that could be the first important step, right?

I do have to admit, my favorite interactions were between Jake’s best friends, Pete and Melissa, who play great parts as Jake’s conscious and serve as great comic relief when they’re antagonizing each other. Of course, seeing Starks is a nice caveat. Crossovers rock when done right, and this is done right.

As usual, this is an awesome glimpse into the human condition by the author, and it’s a must read for anyone that loves well-written, reality based drama.

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