A Story A Day Challenge: Best of Friends

Best of Friends

“No way! Harry didn’t say that!” Becky glanced at her friend before turning back to watch the road.

Trish nodded, smiling. “Yep. In front of the whole cafeteria, too.”

“What’s with guys? They have no respect for women.”

Trish was about to say something when she pointed to a street sign. “Here. It’s behind the line of trees.”

Becky nodded and turned right onto a dirt road leading to a planned cul-de-sac. “Where do you want to stop?”

Trish shrugged. “Any place they’re going to pour concrete in the morning is fine. Then we can take care of Harry.”


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Dealing with Writer’s Burnout

Have you ever pushed yourself to the point you either didn’t care or couldn’t bring yourself to write or edit anymore?

I know I have. Several times for different things and at different times. I also know my problem is I tend to throw myself into something to the point I don’t sleep, eat, or relax until said task is done. Over the years, I learned to pace myself, but that’s the easy part.

We’re all creatures of habit, and sometimes we can’t help but push ourselves to the point of insanity. Trying to prevent that can be a tricky thing, and even more so if we burn ourselves out.

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A Story A Day Challenge: Of All The…

Of All The…

“I swear, Dad. I swear I was paying attention.”

Stanley stood in front of his son with his arms crossed. Several times throughout his son’s story, he’d been forced to close his eyes and count to ten, wondering the whole time if children were the reason blood pressure medicine existed. Finally, he let out a breath and stared at Thomas. “Son, I want to believe you, but the neighbors saw Janice’s head come up after the crash.”

Thomas slumped in the chair. “They did?”

“Yeah, they did.” Stanley silently promised not to kill the boy. “Now, your attention was where?”


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A Story A Day Challenge: Hear That?

Hear That?

Jane paused and looked up from her book, straining her ears for the elusive sound.

It was only the third day in her new apartment, but the sound of something dripping was driving her crazy. Worse yet, she had only heard the sound a couple of times an hour and couldn’t find it. She swore it moved, but no one else heard it.

Shaking her head, she turned her attention back to her book. After another minute, the sound came again, expect louder than before.

A pair of red drops fell on her book as a hand grabbed her hair.

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A Story A Day Challenge: Needed Elixir

Needed Elixir

Fred sat in his favorite chair staring at the digital numbers on the clock. He had less than half an hour to get to work, but he couldn’t leave the house. Not yet.

He leaped from his chair when the numbers changed and ran into the kitchen. Being a control freak was hard, but never more so than when he had to wait for the coffee maker to finish.

He turned as he entered the kitchen and froze. Black liquid covered the counter and dripped onto the floor.

“No… please, God, no…”

His day was already spiraling out of control.

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The Poetry Corner featuring CP Bialois

Hello everyone! Have no fear, I don’t intend to use this space for myself beyond this one time. This is just something I wanted to share with you all. When it comes to poetry, I’m all thumbs. I love reading and listening to it, but I really suck at writing it. lol

About this Poem: For those that may not know, our dog died September 17- two days before the two year anniversary of my dad’s passing- so it was an emotional time. Both of them influenced my life in so many ways.

When growing up, my parents taught he to be be honest and treat everyone fairly, but my dad took it a step further by teaching me to be independent and think for myself.

Our dog, Sootie, was nothing but pure love. She woke us in the morning with kisses. When we came home she greeted us at the door with a toy in her mouth, squeaking it while playfully growling and wagging her tail. When one of the cats was sick (even the one that tormented her), Sootie was the first one there whimpering and wagging her tail trying to help.

Both of them are missed, but they’ll never be forgotten.

Thanks for sitting through my rambling. :) This poem is for anyone that’s lost a loved one. Hope you like it.

Missing You by CP Bialois

Every morning I wake,

I expect to find you sleeping.

Yet, when I look to give you a shake,

Memories of you leaving bring back my weeping.

Every night I remember you leaving,

And wish I could change history.

My heart breaks and my chest starts heaving,

Only to begin the cycle again, hoping for a different destiny.

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A Story A Day Challenge: Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark

Sally folded the pillow beneath her head and studied the pattern of the ceiling while Ralph busied himself in the bathroom. She didn’t know what he was doing, and frankly, she didn’t care.

Until five minutes earlier, she thought such things were an urban legend like the guy with the hook for a hand, but noooo, Ralph had to make it real.

“I’m almost ready, baby!” Came from the bathroom

“That’s great!” she called back, rolling her eyes at the enthusiasm in his voice.

This is what I get dating a bragger. At least he didn’t get any on me.

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